The Online Newsstand Project

This is a really neat project that shouldn’t have to exist.

The goal of the Online Newsstand Project is to increase usage of libraries’ electronic resources by library patrons, and to do so by making access to them easier and more enjoyable. The founder of the project is Steve Butzel, a website and database developer whose real job is serving as the assistant director at the Portsmouth Public Library in Portsmouth, NH.

Patrons don’t have to know what a database is or how to search one. They just get direct access to the articles they want to read. Simple!

I just learned about this via The Swiss Army Librarian where he writes:

So, instead of libraries paying to use the Online Newsstand, participating libraries “adopt” a magazine, and they are then responsible for adding the new article titles and links to the Newsstand whenever a new issue is published.

Doesn’t this make you feel happy?

For more information and to get involved check out The Online Newsstand Project.


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  1. Hi Aaron,
    Thanks for the post. The Online Newsstand has been a fun project, and I’m glad the word is starting to get out a little bit more. (I had hoped to present at CIL 2012, but didn’t make the cut.) Library patrons are really loving this service, and librarians are pleased to finally have a way to make their periodical database content more accessible.

  2. I loved this when I read about it yesterday. I hope my library goes with this.

    I like how easy is it for the library member to browse.

  3. Kevin,

    I had an idea similar to this when I was taking my reference class and learning how to use all the different databases. Direct searches are great, when one needs specific information, but being able to browse is one of the best features of a library. Enabling users to do this remotely is a great idea!

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