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UPDATE: Derik gave me permission to use a sketch!

Sick of going through people’s line-by-line accounts of conference sessions? Check out these sketches!

I got an email this morning from Derik A. Badman telling me about the sketches he make during Computers in Libraries 2006. Here are 45 sketches, including one of me. Another personal favorite is this one of Michael, me, and Amanda and our computers.


flickr says cil2006 is hot

cil2006 is hot

Click through for more pics.

Maybe PLA will catch up…http://flickr.com/photos/tags/pla2006.


“They are going to have a link: ‘Find this in a Library.’

We’ll see about that, right?

Chris Sherman started his keynote on the state of search by telling us that the media are obsessed with covering Google, and that there’s other interesting stuff going on. I therefore thought he wouldn’t talk about Google very much. While he did cover some new features of Ask, Yahoo and MSN, like most other search coverage, he talked mostly about Google. Totally fine, I understand.

He claimed that Ask now has “true natural language search” now. I find that a bit hard to believe, but I do like one product of theirs. The map feature on Ask doesn’t look extremely special, but it can give both driving and *walking* directions.

His views on Google’s responsibilities of privacy and freedom of information in China were 99% positive. Phrases he used were:

“I still trust google, but I am a bit more cautious.”

“Trust but verify.”

“Savvy Chinese know they can use proxies.”

This last attitude seems prone to reinfornce any digital divide that’s in China.


wikipedia woes

It’s bad when schools ban the use of or access to wikipedia, blogs, MySpace and other websites, right? Doing this is kind of like burying your head in the sand. I heard a story this morning that can one up this non-technique. In the workshop’s discussion of wikipedia and social software’s preference of consensus rather than expertise, a school librarian told a sad story. Turns out that the librarian of a rival school was holding an instructional session on wikipedia. Instead of encouraging good habits, this librarian had students vandalize rival school’s wikipedia entry.

That’s quite a way to prove that anyone can make edits. Yowza.