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the pirate bay (partially?) blocked in denmark

During some downtime on my recent trip I was watching old skateboarding videos on YouTube and was prompted to check The Pirate Bay to see what albums by fIREHOSE were available. I didn’t get very far.

I was a bit surprised but evidently Danish courts ruled that ISPs must block the site.

If I had to choose between really big bike racks and thepiratebay.org I might choose really big bike racks but not at the expense of being able to access perfectly legal websites.

Hjorring (Denmark) Public Library

Yesterday I visited the public library in Hjorring, Denmark. It is part of a civic center that includes a gym, restaurant and library. Here are some photos.

The desk doesn’t say “info.” It says “Welcome.” Big.

One neat thing about the library is this red ribbon that flows throughout the whole building. It transforms into the floor, desks, and shelves. They wanted to get it to extend outside of the building but weren’t able to.

The library is dedicated to play and full body learning. They have a slide in the library as an indication.

This is a video booth in which kids can make small performances…

…and then watch themselves and others on this screen.

Many kid’s departments have trees. I’m fond of this one.

The so-called old fashioned part of the library.

Yes, people use this ladder to retrieve books.

One wall has three nooks with different things inside. This is a display about litter and recycling.

The red thread.

Study rooms.

Eames chairs just outside of the cafe.

Reservation cube and red thread.

Meeting room.

Red thread and popular materials on display. And yes, people use the ladder.

Display and Wii area.

People check in and rough sort their own materials. This saves staff time and allows books to be retrieved right after they’re checked in.