Oregon Duck’s Uniforms

Football on Walking Paper? Yes. Well, sort of. I’d not seen these uniforms before and can’t get over how fancy they look and the incredible attention to detail:

Visually, the colorway of the uniforms is meant to bring your eyes to the fastest moving parts of the player’s bodies — the hands, and in particular the shins, which move twice as fast as the thighs do while running. The bright yellow socks, which blended seamlessly into the cleats, drew attention to that fact.

The final piece of visual flare is a custom font designed to make the players look, basically, meaner and more physically imposing. The numbers, are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, thus making the player’s shoulders look wider and the waist look narrower.

The blackout face shield makes an intimidating player!

More at Co.Design

New Logo for Lawrence PL

Our new logo reflects this exciting chapter. It combines the enduring, classic shapes of a square and circle, representing the library as a strong community anchor. The use of bold red conveys positive energy, vibrancy and enthusiasm. Yet the new image also has a touch of mystery, reflecting exploration, curiosity and discovery.

The library is an essential spot for the community. Just as our new logo means something different to everyone who sees it, the Lawrence Public Library has something different for everyone who uses it. The library is yours to explore, experience and enjoy. [pdf]

Bosch & Fjord’s Ordrup School

Can you tolerate a few more pictures of a brightly colored school?

Inventing a new language to describe this new pattern of learning, Bosh and Fjord galvanized their design concept around three central themes: “peace and absorption,” “discussion and cooperation,” and “security and presence.” With these three central modes of learning, a diversity of education spaces for children unfolded—colorful “hot pods” for group discussion, organically shaped tables for group work and creative play, personalized learning “booths” for reflective work, and playful circular tubes for reading and contemplation. Bosh & Fjord recognized that we all learn very differently, and they transformed Ordrup School based on this conviction. The form of Ordrup School, albeit playful and beautiful, now follows the function.

More pictures and info about the design process at Co.Design

New Identity for Danish Library School

The design firm’s site states that they chose a Fibonacci spiral because, like libraries, it spans the arts and sciences.

I like it most on that tote!

Brand New reports: “An interesting aspect of this visual evolution is that it correlates with the perception of the practice of library sciences: Where the cliché is an old lady with thick glasses resolving dusty books and organizing indecipherable index cards, the reality is that library organization has become an increasingly complex and technologically innovative practice. In this regard, the overly governmental and academic look of the old identity is the kind of identity an institution in the twenty-first century wants to ditch.”