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Before you go hunting for your library card, there are a few factors to consider. While there are positives to borrowing eBooks from a library, the process has significant limitations that can be frustrating.

New Way to Check Out eBooks gives a fair assessment of all of the issues surrounding, and actually using the OverDrive Media Console. The only plus she mentions? Library eBooks are free. But related to that, the author writes:

The idea of waiting for a book with many people lined up to borrow it is enough to inspire even some of the most frugal readers to cough up the dough to buy digital books.


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  1. It all depends on the type of reading, and how you read. I use the local public library for leasure reading. I don’t have to be the first to read the latest Doctor Who or Star Wars book. I’ll gladly wait until they become available. I have 15-20 books on my wish list at any time. Somethig by Raymond Chandler, Madaline L’Engle or Jules Verne will be available if the latest hot item isn’t. Sooner or later they all become available and I can read it then. I’ve never had nothing on my wish list available when I went to download a book.

    This would not work for research or if I only read one hot author. But for the way I read its just not a problem. I’ve only bought one book, to see if there was any diferences in the public and paid versions. Little if any, so I went back to the library.

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