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Middax offers a service whereby it delivers five dinner recipes each week plus corresponding ingredients, right to the customer’s door.

Part of me find this ridiculous, especially because I love going to the grocery store. Another part of me finds this model – providing actual stuff to create with along with creation resources – compelling.

More at Springwise.


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  1. Bettina,

    The beauty in this is that you can get both. As a happy Swede with this time-winning concept at my door every Monday evening at five (for 4 month now), I have the weekends to do the fun shopping with my family – no tired kids, no forgotten milk.

    What I do love with it is the focus on good food – we haven´t got frozen food once yet, always ripe seasonal fruit, locally produced groceries (for example potatoes from farmers just a few miles from us, food drinks from local producers) and organic produced food (milk, salad, meat).

    And now we do not use our 10 favorite recipes over and over again, because of lack of imagination or time. And any of us in the household can do the cooking (no one owns their own recipe anymore). Then at the weekends we can do more fun stuff – things we longed for or got inspired by during the week.

    We have used products we would not touch before, cause of ignorance or fear of not knowing what to do with it. A small plus is that I have lost weight cause of the balanced and the right amount food per person we now eat. We do not throw food away anymore – everything we get we use. And it doesn’t cost us more than before – on the contrary.

    We do not use Middax as in the article, but Mat i Veckan ( and there is something called Linas matkasse ( and Matfrid ( Just in a year this has exploded in Sweden. And I haven´t heard anyone stopped using it yet.

    We love it!

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