New Logo for Lawrence PL

Our new logo reflects this exciting chapter. It combines the enduring, classic shapes of a square and circle, representing the library as a strong community anchor. The use of bold red conveys positive energy, vibrancy and enthusiasm. Yet the new image also has a touch of mystery, reflecting exploration, curiosity and discovery.

The library is an essential spot for the community. Just as our new logo means something different to everyone who sees it, the Lawrence Public Library has something different for everyone who uses it. The library is yours to explore, experience and enjoy. [pdf]

8 thoughts on “New Logo for Lawrence PL”

  1. No question, I love the logo.

    But I think the second item in the newsletter is also interesting. Way to go library technology! But I have to question why they went for t-coils and not bluetooth, which is becoming standard in hearing aids instead of t-coils. I guess it would be a problem because bluetooth devices generally need to be linked, whereas t-coils are basically “open”.

  2. It is very bold and vibrant. But the graphic does not really tell my anything. It does not speak of “library” and does not speak of “Lawrence.” I do very much like the words underneath. They are clear, san serif and the word Library is bigger than the rest. So….if the words go with it every time, I could see it. I just don’t see using just the graphic part.

    Now…I was at a library which re-did its logo. First we got a graphic design firm to test what folks liked and did not like about the current one, and how well people identified with it. We found that people matched the graphic with the library at an extremely high rate, so our tweak was to change the lettering underneath (to resemble this one), and to strengthen the color palette. We also did a guide to its use so that the organization would be more consistent in its use.

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