Learning from Now for the Future

Nicholas Schiller wrote a great response to Gorman’s quote in the recent LA Times article about the future of libraries. I particularly like the bit about how libraries can abstract the lessons we’re learning now and adapt the knowledge to solving other problems:

The work that video game librarians have been doing up to now: building new services and redefining old services based on new relationships between media, library, and patron is preparing the way for more challenging changes to come. As libraries become less and less about books and more and more about, well, whatever it is we are about, we are going to need innovative problem solvers who can deal with disruptive technologies. We are also going to need critics and experienced voices with a rich understanding of our traditions. If libraries are going to be more than books, if libraries are going to be more than texts, if libraries are going to be more than places that lend works published in physical formats, we are going to need to be able to define what we are.

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