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line rider

Have you played around with Line Rider yet? It is a brilliant little Flash game in which you draw the course for a sledding penguin. Seriously, take 5 minutes, get the hang of it, make your little guy race around. Done? Okay. Now take a look at this: Line Rider – Jagged Peak Adventure [YouTube]. Holy smokes, right? In fact, Line Rider stared a whole genre of YouTube videos. People make screencasts of their penguins in action, or they aim their digital camera and record the monitor! The videos include elaborate death scenes for the penguin, and some cute ones with cute music. In a sense, each one of these little videos tells a different story. See also Crazy for Line Rider, David Pogue’s post about the game.

User generated content can be so much more creative and entertaining than stuff put out by publishers. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Let’s have more interactivity and content creation on our library websites!

P.S. Another fun line drawing game is Paths