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18 Nov 13

23 Color Views of Mexican Libraries

I was in Mexico City last week and it was great. Why was it great? Aside from having a completely transcendent taco experience I got to see some more Mexican libraries. Super good stuff: The Biblioteca Amalia González Caballero in El Parque México. The public library in San Miguel De Allende. Biblioteca de México “José …

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4 Nov 13

A new identity for Copenhagen children’s library

The identity is based on a modular system of shapes that can form different characters and patterns. The idea is that the kids can have fun with this system – creating stories and characters of their own – and that the identity can continue to grow in many direction. [via HVASS&HANNIBAL] Wow. The act of …

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25 Mar 13

Eight Color Views from Ramsey County Library

Typography themed maze? Yes! I was assured that the kids’ section isn’t always dark and empty. Looked cool like this though. Note the kid sized self check machines. Am I going soft or have I just been running into good library signs recently? This library had a unified system of good looking signs. One of …

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21 Mar 13

Pop Up Podcast

The goal is to provide a fun, creative environment for teens to engage with audio recording technology and explore their own self-expression and presentation skills. Another winner from Escondido Public Library. Our most exciting news is that our Teen Librarian, Joanna Axelrod, has teamed up with LibraryYOU’s Viktor Sjoberg to start a Pop Up Podcast …

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23 Mar 12

Pima County Public Library Hires Public Health Nurse

She’s met latchkey kids and answered teens’ questions about sex – and took advantage of the opportunity to talk to them about diabetes and high blood pressure. She helped a victim of domestic violence find safe shelter and get medical attention. She encourages library visitors to use the hand sanitizer that’s always available to reduce …

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31 Jan 12

Shaken and Stirred: A 20s and 30s Mixer at the Oak Park Public Library

We know it’s hard to meet new people after college. Can you honestly think of a better place to meet someone than a library? Locking eyes over the Vonnegut section? Or maybe your hands brush while reaching for the last copy of Infinite Jest? Well, genre X is helping you out and shaking up traditional …

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24 Jan 12

Gothenburg Library Style

The public library in Gothenburg, Sweden takes Sartorialist-esque style photos of people in the library. The photos are on their Facebook page. Thanks, Donna!

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18 Jan 12

Canada Water Library in London

A new library at the edge of a public plaza – complete with tube stop – that hosts a farmers market and other community events. Here’s a review of the building from the Guardian. It has some typical libraries = book talk but also some higher level sentiments: And not, according to its architect, Piers …

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