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27 Mar 13

Smith Storage Stool

It serves as a detachable file cabinet, a stool, a rolling cart and, in multiples, even stackable shelves. Pretty clever little thing. Though at $700 a pop your library will need deep pockets to outfit your department with these. More info at Better Living Through Design. The Smith Storage Stool is neat, but given the …

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15 Feb 12

For the Reading Room: Bambica Shelving

This easy-to-assemble modular display system is made of fifty handcrafted bamboo pieces and polyamide plastic joinery. Simply snap the bamboo sections together with the accompanying pegs to create a wide variety of configurations. Combine multiple sets to expand the system. Available at the MoMA Store. The Bambica website has instructions for all sorts of designs.

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13 Feb 12

Buzzihood Cellphone Booth

Each hood is made from recycled fabric and available in tons of fun colors, including custom fabrics. There is also the possibility to add a special little notepad or tablet so one can easily take notes or write down a number while making a phone call. [via]

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30 Dec 11

For the Youth Services Department

“Pin Pres is a kid’s room shelf that makes the act of sorting up the room a playful experience where the shelf adopts its form to the toys, books and other things that are being stored.”

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11 Oct 11

Space Issues

Is the furniture in your library being used as originally intended? [hang2column]How planners probably imagined people using this space[/hang2column]   [hang2column]How people are actually using this space[/hang2column]   Sometimes people use library spaces in unintended ways. This behavior can expose design flaws and offer clues for improvements.

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22 Nov 10

Lost in Chair

The Lost in Chair turns something annoying and turns it into a feature. This could be a neat way to merchandise some books around the library. There’s also the Bibliochaise.

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14 Nov 10

Kik-Step® Stool

Every library I’ve worked in as an adult has had these step stools but they still remind me of being a kid in the library. I’d never thought about having one around the house until I saw one on Amazon the other day. This lead me to the manufacturers website where there’s a 50th Anniversary …

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