Blissymbolics Library Symbol

Recently on Radiolab I learned about Charles Bliss’ idea to achieve world peace by eliminating the use of words. He thought that unambiguous symbols did a better job communicating so he invited a writing system. Interesting! Flawed!

Here are the symbols representing library and librarian.

library blissymbol

librarian blissymbol

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2 thoughts on “Blissymbolics Library Symbol”

  1. Thanks for tracking these down. When I heard that episode of Radiolab, I had the exact same idea. I started digging around to see if I could find a dictionary of Blissymbolics but didn’t find anything that seemed worth requesting via ILL. The same week that Radiolab episode came out (or maybe a week after) the New Yorker had a great piece about <a href="""various efforts humans have made over the years to invent new languages. The article mentioned Bliss and placed his effort in a larger context that I found fascinating.

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