Online Newsstand Project Shutdown by EBSCO

Remember that “really neat project that shouldn’t have to exist” I posted about the other day? Shut down.

EBSCO asked Steve to shut it down citing pressure from a publisher and a violation of contracts. I’m unsure if the contract in question is between the publisher and EBSCO or EBSCO and libraries.

Even though the articles are behind a login perhaps displaying the covers violates copyright? It’d sure be interesting to know what the problem is.

2 thoughts on “Online Newsstand Project Shutdown by EBSCO”

  1. Ugh. My library’s website has an online newsstand-inspired feature, which I suspect may have to be shut down. It’s a shame: patrons are truly impressed by these pages, and Steve had come up with a beautiful gateway to a decidedly un-beautiful user interface, at least as far as browsing popular magazines is concerned.

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