WSU opens podcasting room

Among others, Michael Stephens has long been advocating for libraries as a place of content production, and I can’t disagree with him. He mentioned it again recently in his post Centers of Production which included a link to Jon Udell’s Remixing the Library.

Sue Polanka, Head of Reference and Instruction at the WSU Paul Laurence Dunbar Library (recently featured here) wrote in to tell me about the podcasting rooms that Wright State University has set up I have to pull out some of her quotes from the article:

We wanted to bring what’s up-to-date, fun and common for today’s students to the library here at Wright State.

By having our own separate room dedicated just to podcasting, we are able to give the students a nice place to come and try out the new software.

One of the things that sets us apart is the sound walls we have in place that will allow students to talk or even make music in the most quiet environment we can provide.

I like that the Dunbar Library has combined the idea of content creation stations, being tech current, and the library as place into one neat project.

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