blowing their minds

“Keeping your Computer Clean” was the title of a class I held at the library tonight. Interestingly enough, many of my patrons came even though they thought their computers were doing “okay.” However, I made sure they left with the fear of God put into them. While I didn’t feel comfortable making a direct recommendation about any tools, I did show them what I use at the library for the staff computers.

I run these computers through a gauntlet of Spybot, SpySweeper, and AdAware. Pretty typical for computer types, but only one of them had heard of any of these. I also mentioned ZoneAlarm,, and the security check on Symantec’s site. Also I made sure they knew how to clear out the cookies and cache from their browsers.

If you’re in the position, hold such a class. Their heads were spinning, but they loved it.

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