I Need Some Checkout Receipts

Odd request, I know.

If you have a moment I’d really appreciate it if you’d scan or photograph one of your library’s checkout receipts and send it to me. Ideally it would have at least two items on it.

My address is: librarian at gmail

Thanks a lot!

2 thoughts on “I Need Some Checkout Receipts”

  1. Hi. Nothing odd about the request, i’ll try to remember to send u ours tomorrow. This is one of the things that should be properly thought out in libraries. We print out hundreds, thousands of these every day. They should be made fantastic. I should finish and publish my draft post abt it.

    Some inspirational ones from outside our profession i’ve seen first hand, include ascii-art kittens in a restaurant in Japan (where else?), and a common supermarket in Sweden which indicated which of your purchases were bio. Plus the Little Printer.

    I also think the checkout receipts should be emailedvas .ics or .vcs files to patrons, to have in their calendars.

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