Jeremy Wheeler’s AADL Event Posters

Eli Nieburger tweeted about this awesome advert for an Ann Arbor District Library gaming event. Awesome, huh? It is great to see engaging library events being prompted with engaging ads.

This is an example of what I mean when I say that libraries need to consider all of their touchpoints when facilitating a good user experience. Way to be thorough, AADL!

I contacted the guy who made the ad, Jeremy Wheeler, and he gave me permission to show you some more stuff he made for the AADL here.

One thought on “Jeremy Wheeler’s AADL Event Posters”

  1. Thanks for posting about these! The arcade master ad we had booked the back page of our new local edition of The Onion, but… the local onion franchisee ran out of cash and closed before it could run. There’s still a ripe market here for onion ads, hope it comes
    back someday.

    For more like this, check out 10 years of posters for the BANG! Jeremy’s monthly mixtape party.

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