10 Steps to a User-Friendly Library Website

20 steps workshop

What are you doing on the 25th of January? Maybe you should hang out and talk about websites with Amanda Etches-Johnson and me. We’re going to give it our all! Get ready.

Here’s the blurb from ALA Techsource:

A clean, well-designed website can mean the difference between an informed library user and a confused one. With a focus on the needs and wants of the library user, Amanda Etches-Johnson and Aaron Schmidt will help you develop the skills to make your library website easier to use and more interesting.

Topics include:

  • Determining the purpose of your website
  • Identifying your users’ critical tasks
  • Wrangling content
  • Writing for the web
  • How and when to conduct usability tests

You can register for 10 Steps to a User-Friendly Library Website here.

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