3 thoughts on “Grover’s Library Dreams Get Crushed”

  1. Grover’s primary character trait is, of course, that he is stupid. His tragedy is that this aspect of his character makes him less and less endearing as time goes on. That the librarian will shush you is the overt message, but notice also the reaction of that renowned “odd couple”, Bert and Ernie. Bert, lover of all that is mundane, knows the rules of the library and follows them (as does the green Anything Muppet behind him). Here we see him physically contorted, bent over a book to read (mirroring the librarian’s aggressive posture), and angry, perhaps not so much at being disturbed but that someone is breaking the rules of the library. Ernie knows those rules also, but is a free spirit, willingly coloring outside the lines whenever it suits. Ernie is clearly the only positive character in the scene, the audience favorite if you will, and Sesame Workshop’s attack on libraries is subtly reinforced by his clear enjoyment of Grover’s outburst.

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