Comfort & Joy at the University of Guelph Library

Here’s an example of a library thinking about people as a whole, not just people as circ stats or entertainment consumers or learners.

Exams are stressful and the Library wants to help! This December, take a short break and relax while you recharge your batteries. You don’t even need to leave the Library! All of the following are available and FREE for students:

  • Take a 30-minute yoga break
  • Meet a dietitian to get valuable nutrition tips for studying
  • Re-energize with a relaxation meditation
  • Have a confidential chat with a wellness professional about your worries and stresses
  • Indulge in a sundae bar!

Events will be offered December 6th through December 12th. Watch for a full schedule coming soon to the Library website.

Brought to you by The Wellness Centre, Athletics, Central Student Association and The Library…for your Comfort & Joy.

This is also a great example of cross departmental/agency collaboration. That being said, who knows if the students will listen to the dietitian if there’s free ice cream.

[via @etches]

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