I Visited the Kenton Branch of Multonomah County Library & Liked It.

The space has a really nice feel due in part to pleasant natural light and smart furniture. Without looking temporary, the desks and stacks seem modular and I bet the space could easily be configured in different arrangements.

One service desk. No chair for the librarians. Love it. If I remember correctly, this is one of MCL’s branches doing a good job with reference beyond the desk.

MCL has a great collection called “Lucky Day.” The items are popular books exempt from the usual reserves queue. This is a fun idea that puts a positive spin on someone’s experience when they connect with a book they want. Offering a variable ratio schedule of returns, I bet it could be an effective way to get people into the building. Get lucky at the library.

It would have been my lucky day if I hadn’t already bought this book.

The library is in the midst of a bunch of neighborhood shops, restaurants and bars – a central location for the neighborhood. The “LIBRARY” sign looks great, appears to use the sign fixture for whatever was in that space before and is contextually appropriate. Nice job MCL!

3 thoughts on “I Visited the Kenton Branch of Multonomah County Library & Liked It.”

  1. I love the Kenton Branch! I went to the iSchool at UW, and on my frequent trips to visit my bf in Portland I used his card to go to this new library. I experienced a “lucky day” when “Catching Fire (Hunger Games 2)” was released (I think I was number 2,855,395 on Seattle Public’s hold list), and was always greeted by a cheerful and helpful staff. At the small library in which I now work in the Milwaukee, WI area, we have just ordered the first batch of our own “Lucky Day” collection. I hope this idea keeps spreading!

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