Conversation Request: Non-Traditional Reference Service

Hey, I need some help.

I’d like to talk with a few folks that have experimented with and/or have implemented non-traditional reference scenarios for a LJ column I’m writing.

Let me know if you have experience with doing away with reference desks, roving reference, or merged service points. Or let me know if you know of libraries doing this stuff well.

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One thought on “Conversation Request: Non-Traditional Reference Service”

  1. Hi Aaron – I might be too late, and this might not even be of interest but I wanted to throw it out there. The academic library I work at will be undergoing a two year renovation where the current building will be closed and the library relocated to a variety of spaces. We’re working on a distributed reference/research help model that will be implemented this summer. It includes information kiosks with touch screen services, research help “blitzes” around campus during peak semester times, chat, text, and phone help (via Google Voice) and research consultations/appointments. At this point, we’re not planning on having a face-to-face reference desk anywhere on campus. Let me know if you’d like to know more!

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