Bosch & Fjord’s Ordrup School

Can you tolerate a few more pictures of a brightly colored school?

Inventing a new language to describe this new pattern of learning, Bosh and Fjord galvanized their design concept around three central themes: “peace and absorption,” “discussion and cooperation,” and “security and presence.” With these three central modes of learning, a diversity of education spaces for children unfolded—colorful “hot pods” for group discussion, organically shaped tables for group work and creative play, personalized learning “booths” for reflective work, and playful circular tubes for reading and contemplation. Bosh & Fjord recognized that we all learn very differently, and they transformed Ordrup School based on this conviction. The form of Ordrup School, albeit playful and beautiful, now follows the function.

More pictures and info about the design process at Co.Design

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