New Content & Feed Option

I posted about the font service site Typekit at INFLUX’s blog the other day. Neat site. It inspired me to retool what’s going on here design wise. Funny thing is that I ended up having a he’s-just-not-that-into-you experience with all of the fonts available through Typekit. Oh well. Helvetica Neue/Helvetica/Arial it is. You could say I’m going through a real Crate&Barrel phase.

(Take a look at that custom uppercase C though. Hot.)

Posterous is Fun&Easy

I’ve been having a ton of fun using Posterous to collect things I like. I didn’t know if I’d stick with it but all the effort is in curating stuff, the fun part. It’s so easy to use it’s become part of my routine.


I’m going to use the Posterous autopost feature to send content here. It might not be strictly library related so if you get bored of the stuff I collect online you can use the Walking Paper strictly libraries only feed. There will certainly still be library content here but much of the library user experience stuff I’m into these days is ending up at INFLUX’s blog [feed].

4 thoughts on “New Content & Feed Option”

  1. Helvetica Neue Light – my favorite font of all. I’ve always had a good experience with C&B’s signage and catalogs.

    Enjoy posterous. I think it outstrips its rival, tumblr, by a mile.


  2. I am enjoying the new layout. I sorta think you might want to make that little FYI message on this page standard on the template so people will see it no matter when they arrive? idk. Just crossed my mind. You’re neat.

    1. I’m glad you like it Hill. Your opinion rates around here. Yes, in my quest for minimalism the site is a bit less warm in a way. No more nice HELLO text. I was thinking about how I could include this, I think I’ll try pushing the search box down and putting it there.

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