what’s old is new is old

Rochelle from Tinfoil + Racoon posted a link to a great article about SMS and postcards on the LJ TechBlog. The article gives an interesting history about the popularity of the postcard and posits that it was the first MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). The abbreviated writing found on old PCs is really similar to the short hand we see in txt messages.

“Sorry will not take lesson tonight but will resume on the 20th next Yours truly Mrs Brown” (Mailed: March 1908);

“We live where the X is on the card Bill, House has garden to water side Bob”;

“The Annual Meeting will be held at Brisbane House on 18th. Your attendance is requested. Hon Sec.” (Mailed: 15th October, 1900);

“Hope you will be able to stand the shock of receiving this P.C. in haste ET” (May 1906)

What’s really funny to me is that my Series 60 Nokia 6682 has a “send via postcard” feature built into the camera. For a fee, you can have a photo printed and sent to a specified address with a customized message. How’s that for a mashup?

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