Talent Imitates

Is it just me or is Borders invoking our Five Laws? This ruffles my feathers a little. Also? What’s with the guy in the background?

6 thoughts on “Talent Imitates”

  1. Oh, that doesn’t surprise me. When I sold books at an excellent independent bookstore in Ohio in the early 90s, we often reminded each other, “It’s about getting the right book to the right reader.” And we didn’t know our Ranganathan from a hole in the ground.

    Of course, I don’t think we were thinking of three of the most popular books from recent years… We were intending more of a long tail effect.

  2. I’m sure there are library-aware people who market Borders. I just don’t think that the sentiment expressed is purely a library science principle. It’s just customer service.

    And word, Jessamyn. Some folks have budgets of $0, so that half of the slogan is totally bogus.

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