Visual Design Libraries Should Be Proud Of

In response to my post beautiful > ugly Suzanne Chapman just shared some examples of nice looking graphic design from the University of Michigan Library.

See her post and the MLibrary Branding & Marketing Materials set on flickr for more.

This got me thinking about two other things I’ve seen recently. The first is a collection of library cards from the Edmonton Public Library (via John Blyberg’s Twitter feed).

They also have an associated sticker contest. I think I have a pretty big crush on this library.

Lastly, the District of Columbia Public Library has two new library card designs. One of them is a promotion for the forthcoming second version of the DCPL iPhone app.

I really like the idea of a library putting out collectable, limited edition library cards that people can trade in their old cards for.

6 thoughts on “Visual Design Libraries Should Be Proud Of”

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