10 thoughts on “Beach IKEA Ad Evokes Library Vibe”

  1. I know that some third world rural areas have bike libraries, like the bookmobile but via bike. I saw some neat pictures once, but can’t find em now.

    I am also reminded of this pretty cool art installation at the Baltimore Artscape festival a couple years ago, which was sort of a library plunked down in a park, with shelves and a couch, all designed to look really neat. But it was a “free” library, take whatever books you want, leave whatever books you want. Can’t find pictures of that either.

  2. The following is about traditional lending outside library walls – Not book exchange – I hope it is useful.

    Libraries taking books outside the library:
    This is an amazing idea. In Denmark libraries at beaches has been done in Copenhagen (and other Danish cities) – I have not been able to find pictures, but I found this video (It´s in Danish)

    Here are some pictures from a library at a beach in the Netherlands

    My own library are mobile via bus, and sometimes we meet people like this – the Ladies in red
    Amazing librarians meeting people all around the city.
    We have the technology to lend out on location via mobile devices and we get good response.

    This is one of my library heros Luis Soreano – making a huge difference for children by bringing them books with his mobile Donkey library in Colombia – reminding us about the importance of the library idea.

  3. We’ve got a nice little beach right near us, I’ve volunteered to go down there and check out books on a number of nice days.

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