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Panic, a small company that makes software for Macs here in Portland is one of those (rare) companies that seem to do everything the right way. For a quick example, check out how nice their new blog looks.

I was very impressed with the friendly writing and useful content in this well formatted email they recently sent. They make it easy to unsubscribe and do it in a way that makes you not want to.

This is a good model for libraries to follow for their web writing, email communication (and print material, really).

Hi there!

This is Cabel from Panic — you might remember us from our nice Mac OS X software (Transmit, Coda, Unison, etc.) and, for some reason, t-shirts and posters and such.

We love e-mailing our customers and fans with important, interesting Panic news, like updates, new products, or sales. But it’s 2010. Time to clean up our lists and combine them into one.

You signed up for our list via Transmit.

Here’s the deal: we’ll write, at most, a few times a year, and only for big news. Not minor updates. We know your inbox is crowded.

If you don’t want to hear from us again, click the sad button. Otherwise, do nothing, and look forward to breaking Panic news!

[unsubscribe button]

Thanks for being a customer or a fan. We literally couldn’t do it without you.


PS: We also have a blog now! It’s the future!

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  1. I have been using Panic’s software for years, and I concur. Their software is top-notch, their graphic design is extraordinary, and and their customer service is A-1. Many people could take a few cues from them. -ELM

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