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I don’t want to interact with my hard drive; I want to interact with my friends. [litl :: philosophy]


The Litl webbook can be used in two configurations: like a traditional laptop, with full keyboard, used to surf the Web; or flipped upright, like an easel or picture frame, for broadcast of photo and video. The laptop configuration has been conceived as a “lean forward” mode, for active participation; the easel configuration conceived as “lean back,” for watching. – [via]


The cards based UI reminds me of the Palm Pre. $699. Starts shipping on 9 November. I’m kinda smitten with this cute device and am interested to see if it, as marketed, does less better.


4 thoughts on “litl webbook”

  1. I like the look of this especially the easel configuration. Since it’s all based on cloud computing, I’m guessing it will never be compatible with eBooks, though the easel configuration would be perfect. The cards function of this reminds me of my chumby which I love. Too bad we can’t mash this up with the current generation of ereaders.

  2. I’m very intrigued – I’m the owner/user of three laptops with handles (ibook Tangerine ca.1999, XO-1 Laptop, and Intel Classmate 2Go) and am wondering if this would be my living room computer for media. Re: ebook reader – if this concept takes off, I bet there’ll be a web-based vendor that will manage your ebook collection for you, viewable via the web. If we don’t own a hard drive to store stuff on, we’ll be storing in the cloud — ebooks aren’t anything too different….just my guess. (Think monetized and offered as a Software as Service….)

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