taking the library to the street

On Wednesday afternoons during the Summer outside of the MLK Jr. Memorial Library in Washington DC you will find a table full of friendly librarians talking to the passersby. The librarians also bring out an assortment of library materials to illustrate what’s available in the library. It is a great program and I’d like to see it go even further.


A compelling picture of comprehensive outreach forms when you combine this physical space effort with digital space efforts:



11 thoughts on “taking the library to the street”

  1. Curious what else you’d like to see.

    Can the passers-by sign up for library cards on the spot? Sign their kids up for summer reading? Pick up readers’ advisory brochures?

  2. Yes, Meryl, people can sign up for cards right there on the spot. SRP I’m not so sure about. Circulating books from the street would be pretty great. I *think* they’ve set up similar tables at community events like farmers’ markets. Nice.

  3. Aaron, have you caught Multnomah County’s Free Range Librarians? They’ve been touring farmers’ markets this summer — with books, summer reading sign up and info on sustainability and gardening titles. People at Hollywood Farmers’ Market were very excited that the library was there. Hopefully we’ll see more of them out and about!

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