a short history of internet scare stories

2004: “Your children are being solicited in chatrooms!”
Meanwhile, adults start using IM at work and IM scare stories go away.

2006: “Your children are being solicited on MySpace!”
Meanwhile, people over 35 join Facebook en masse and social networking site scare stories go away.


The cycle continues!

4 thoughts on “a short history of internet scare stories”

  1. Work your way back a little and you find how dangerous it was for the young to have email, access to cable television, read paperback books, see movies, … Almost everything new has been seen as a threat to morals.

  2. Hello..

    Its true that from internet the children are watching the adult pics or movies and also doing the adult chats on chat room, internet is some problematic for the children because through internet the children get the knowledge of adult things..
    Some persons are also do hacking on internet and also do the fraud with some person or some company through internet…..

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