Creating Future Libraries Notebooks

Word is already out on the streets but I should probably still announce the first in what will be a series of limited edition library related notebooks. I’m selling them on a new section of this site called WALKING PAPER GOODS.

Not only does this first notebook (WP01) read “Creating Future Libraries,” if you look a bit closer you’ll see that it reads “Creating the Future for Libraries.” In a totally synchronous post, Stephen Abram explains:

None of us and no organization is owed a future – no matter how wondrous its past. I believe that we adapt and create the positive future we want. Some are more fatalistic. The future just happens to them and they feel powerless to influence the outcomes.

This just about explains my thoughts and the notebook aims to emphasize positive action. In my wildest dreams people will get them as gifts from colleagues and a light bulb will turn on and a bell will ding and they’ll start thinking about creating (the) future (for) libraries.

These notebooks are optimized for brainstorming. They fit in your pocket or purse so you can have it with you wherever you go. You never know when inspiration will hit. Also, their length, 32 pages, makes them inviting. I sometimes get a funny feeling writing in notebooks I know that I’ll be carrying around for a long time because it seems like everything must be for the ages. Not so with the CFL notebooks. There’s less pressure to make everything in it totally rad which allows for more brainstorming.

Other Important Housekeeping

  • I’m sorry to report that there are no more books left to buy. They’re sold out. I’ll have about 40 of them at Computer in Libraries coming up. Otherwise, this notebook is no longer available.
  • All of the profits from this notebook will be donated to the Portland Rescue Mission.

For info about the next run of books, see WALKING PAPER GOODS or contact me to reserve copies of the next book (WP02).

A big thanks to Jenny Levine, Stephen Abram, Lauren Pressley and Rachel Bridgewater for their enthusiasm and support.

P.S. Please still think about the future of libraries even if you don’t have one of these notebooks.

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