4 thoughts on “Nanette is my kind of cataloger”

  1. Yeah, that’s our problem too-the retrospective conversion. We’ve been relabeling everything as it comes up for mending/cleaning/repair, and that catches about 300-400 per month. We’ll be starting a major retro relabeling project once the stupid labels come in. They have been on backorder for 6 weeks now. I’m pretty fortunate in that our administration and management is behind this project, so they’re willing to commit staff time and energy to it.

    Once this is done, the CDs are next…

  2. funny. i am doing EXACTLY the same thing. they used to have random unique numbers, and kept in numerical order. patrons had to ask us to find titles. … now they are alpha by title. applying ddc to documentaries and educationals. peeling the labels off the cases suck.

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