in my youth services department….

Every librarian has a fantasy library in which they get to live, work and play, right? In mine, I’d take some time to sit in these rocking chairs and then make this abstract mobile with the young people. And anyone else that wanted to join in.

Which reminds me, are there many multi-generational craft programs in libraries? The libraries that I’ve worked in have segmented much of the stuff-making by age group.

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  1. Hillary,

    I totally want to make that mobile this weekend. I love mobiles.

  2. Anne,

    At my library we are planning some multi-age making-stuff programs for this summer (Summer Reading theme: Get Creative). We’re hoping to provide free-form opportunities where people can drop in and make whatever they want out of the materials we provide (and bring their own if they wish). That way, hopefully, it’ll be fun and fulfilling for all ages since there’ll be no wrong way to do it.

  3. Kathy Gould,

    We do “all ages” knit-a-thons about 4 times/year. They are enormously popular and get people aged 6 to 90. Last time a teen had her birthday party at the knit-a-thon!

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