Smart Computing at Your Library

Saving User and Staff Time (and Keeping Sane)
Geek to Live, Don't Live to Geek

Aaron Schmidt

24 October 2005

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Can't we all just get along?

Causes and symptoms of a dysfunctional relationship

Access and security: mutually exclusive?

Do you have friendly computers?

Be prepared for: If we're not helping our users, what are we doing?

The only protected computer...

"You have critical updates," "Please renew now," etc...

Keeping Tabs on your Machines

A weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule Let staff do this before or after hours.

Are you happy with printing at your library?

Maybe centralizing printing is an option, it doesn't have to be expensive. Cheap laser printers.

Ok, so your computer is wonked...for starters try:

Spyware or Virus?

Let's call it all malware

Free spyware solutions

Spyware can cripple computers with slow operation and pop ups. Not to mention it can report surfing data. Run these programs in safe mode
Don't forget to turn off XP System Restore!
stick with these!

Free anti-virus tools

Viruses can erase files from your machine, and turn them into zombies!

Ghosting software

Restore computers to a clean state upon reboot

Librarian-centered? Computer-centerd? No, user-centered

Libraries need to be easy. Why?

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