Having a Phone: IM Reference

Aaron Schmidt

8 May 2006

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Who am I and what do I do?

Evolution of libary service

Here's what you'll hear me

Some stats

IM is here (and there)!

What's so special?

That's great, but so what?

We're charged with serving them, and they are our future tax payers. We must speak their language!

Nuts and bolts

Types of patrons

Types of questions

A sample interaction

patron: yah, um, how long is the Illiad/
me: pages?
patron: no, how lng would it take 2 read it?
patron: *it
me: oh, well, it depends on how fast you read! it is a GREAT book.
me: it is generally around 590 pages
patron: thts wat ive heard!
patron: WOW!!
me: well worth your time.
me: i can put it on hold for you if you like
patron: OK!!!
me: nice. what is your last name?
patron: o, [patrons last name]

Another interaction...spot the differences

[17:10] patron: Can you help check on a request that has taken some time?
[17:11] thommyford: yep
[17:11] thommyford: what kind of request
[17:11] thommyford: ?
[17:11] patron: it was for chopin audio discs under my name [gives name]
[17:12] thommyford: is this for an article or book?
[17:12] patron: audio disc
[17:12] thommyford: ok, is [last name] your last name?
[17:12] patron: yes
[17:13] patron: it's strange ,,should be coming from Alsip but shows "on shelf"
[17:13] patron: for past two weeks
[17:13] thommyford: hmm, maybe they have lost it or something. lemme check here
[17:13] patron: thanks
[17:13] thommyford: may i have your first name please?
[17:13] patron: [gives first name]
[17:17] thommyford: i think i know what the issue is.
[17:18] thommyford: you're requested a 10 CD set, and perhaps alsip won't send them all at once.
[17:18] thommyford: i will call them now and straighten this out.
[17:18] thommyford: how can i contact you once i speak to them?
[17:18] patron: either by e-mail or phone
[17:19] patron: phone [gives phone]
[17:19] patron: [gives email]

A few best practices: training

A few best practices: doing

AIM presence indicators

Other considerations


Possible problems


"What if I'm doing IM Reference at the desk and someone approaches me in house!?!"


What happens if someone IMs but doesn't ask a question?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having more than one screen name?

Instant Messaging vs. Web-Based Chat

Instant Messaging: pros & cons

Web-Based Chat: pros & cons


Two quick resources

Let's go live!

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