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30 May 13

YOUmedia Name-dropped by Chance the Rapper

I recently downloaded the second mixtape – Acid Rap – from Chicago’s up and coming Chance the Rapper. Listening to the track “Acid Rain,” a line made my ears perk up: “And I’m still Mr. YOUmedia.” Whaaa? Rap Genius confirms: And I’m still Mr. YOUmedia. Sure enough, Chicago Public’s YOUmedia was one of the places …

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21 Mar 13

Pop Up Podcast

The goal is to provide a fun, creative environment for teens to engage with audio recording technology and explore their own self-expression and presentation skills. Another winner from Escondido Public Library. Our most exciting news is that our Teen Librarian, Joanna Axelrod, has teamed up with LibraryYOU’s Viktor Sjoberg to start a Pop Up Podcast …

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30 Dec 11

For the Youth Services Department

“Pin Pres is a kid’s room shelf that makes the act of sorting up the room a playful experience where the shelf adopts its form to the toys, books and other things that are being stored.”

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12 May 11

Letters to the Children of Troy

“In early 1971, Hart wrote to dozens of actors, authors, artists, musicians, playwrights, librarians, and politicians of the day. She asked them to write a letter to the children of Troy about the importance of libraries, and their memories of reading and of books.” See more of the 97 responses at the Troy Public Library …

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9 Dec 10

Bosch & Fjord’s Ordrup School

Can you tolerate a few more pictures of a brightly colored school? Inventing a new language to describe this new pattern of learning, Bosh and Fjord galvanized their design concept around three central themes: “peace and absorption,” “discussion and cooperation,” and “security and presence.” With these three central modes of learning, a diversity of education …

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8 Dec 10

Pentagram for Achievement First Endeavor Middle School

“With a little paint and some bold typography, a school designed to change the life of its students has undergone a transformation of its own.” via Tim Lauer Those stickers would make some attractive library cards. Previously on Walking Paper: Pentagram for the Library Initiative

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30 Apr 09

a short history of internet scare stories

2004: “Your children are being solicited in chatrooms!” Meanwhile, adults start using IM at work and IM scare stories go away. Then, 2006: “Your children are being solicited on MySpace!” Meanwhile, people over 35 join Facebook en masse and social networking site scare stories go away. Then, 2009: The cycle continues!

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20 Jan 08

information behaviour of the researcher of the future

Here’s another report to read. It was produced by the British Library and the Joint Information Systems Committee. It is on my reading list for this afternoon but I’m recommending it now because when I scanned through I saw some interesting statements like: CIBER’s considered view is that the real issue that the library community …

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19 Jan 08

this big library called barnes & noble

In preperation for a workshop I’m facilitating at the PNLA conference I watched a DVD titled “Idaho Digital Natives Focus Groups 2007.” It is a selection of footage from work done by the Idaho Commission for Libraries through an IMLS grant. The full report is available here: “Perceptions of Idaho’s Digital Natives on Public Libraries”[pdf]. …

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