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16 Apr 12

Ebook Woes in the Ethicist

Did you catch the library related question in this week’s The Ethicist column? Through my public library, I can check out a book on my Kindle for 21 days. Then the system sends a signal to erase the book and make it available for someone else. But there’s a loophole: if my Kindle is offline, …

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24 Feb 12

Phone Booth Guerilla “Libraries”

Have you seen this project by the fictional Department of Urban Betterment? It is a pretty neat repurposing some (largely) outmoded infrastructure to something else: an honors system book swap. I know the word “library” has a few uses but I’m also a bit sad that we haven’t elevated it beyond the common “pile of …

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6 Feb 12

Academic Library Circ Extrapolated

This chart shows the upper/lower quartiles and median for circulation per FTE student. As you can see this data shows a much more dramatic drop in the circulation of library materials. Rising student populations hide this fact. More from Will Kurt in his post The End of Academic Library Circulation? Remind me again why we …

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1 Feb 12

Operation Book Drop

A bookstore in Salt Lake CIty had some promotional book covers designed, wrapped them around books donated by publishers, and dropped them around town. If you’ve been fortunate enough to discover one of the 878 books we’ve left lying around Salt Lake City, you’re undoubtedly elated, but probably also a bit curious about our objectives. …

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20 Jan 12

Five Laws Cover

I noticed this cover of “Five Laws” on the Otlet’s Shelf example. I’ve never read the book (gasp!) so I don’t know if the design is meaningful or just random. Is there a theme of three or thirds?

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19 Jan 12

Otlet’s Shelf Tumblr Theme

Otlet’s Shelf is a Tumblr theme and a bookmarklet for Amazon.com. Together, they make it easy to collect and publish a list of your favorite books. How about a repurposing for libraries? via Nate Hill

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