the future is WOW

After the Film Discussion Group flap I received an IM from a supportive patron. I doubt she knew how excited I was to A) get some more supportive communication and B) receive that communication through IM.

During our conversation the patron mentioned some of the things that she enjoys about the library, one of which was audiobooks. I then took a moment, as I’m apt to do, to promote Listen Illinois, the books on mp3 program in which we’re participating. She liked the idea of this and told me she’d IM me later when she had put together a book basket. I placed a hold on the player for her and she IMed me shortly after.

As if this wasn’t great enough, when the player became available for her I noticed that she was online. I sent her an IM letting her know that I downloaded her items into the mp3 player, which was ready for pickup. The next day I came into the library and noticed that the mp3 player had been circulated.


2 thoughts on “the future is WOW”

  1. Nice. However, if one were to look at a bigger picture, the idea that the library might know when you were online is probably a bit on the scary side for some patrons.

  2. Hiya Greg,

    That’s a really good point. I forgot to mention that during our conversation I asked her if she would like me to contact her via IM when the player was avaliable. She responded in the positive, so I felt okay adding her to my buddy list.

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