twentyfour/seven access

As we were closing up the bookhaus tonight I noticed a younger couple using a powerbook in the adult services area. I approached them and asked if they had an easy time connecting to the library’s wireless network. They said they did, and that they thought it was “cool you guys have wireless.” They weren’t quite done taking an online exam but I needed to get them out of the building. The nice guy decided that they would save the exam and leave, but I noticed them walking out of the library with the laptop still on and wide open. As I approached them again I told them I tested the range on our access points, and that they would have no problem sitting on a bench outside of the library and finishing their work.

Let’s just hope that they don’t get harassed for using it after I gave them the library’s express permission. This, I think, is the first recorded of people using our connection after hours, although someone once told me they sat in their car one morning and caught up on their email before catching a train downtown.

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