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School is out, so I surmised that the number of IMs we receive from kids would drop off. They have to a certain extent, but we pushed IMing as a Readers’ Advisory tool (though of course we didn’t call it that) when promoting the teen summer reading program. It seemed to have some impact, because I received a number of questions. Most asked if we had a certain title on shelf, and a few wanted recommendations. The point is that I guess kids and IM is not a school year only thing.

I was really impressed that some young people were thinking about reading already, because, I’m not going to lie to you, the summer after 6th grade I was thinking about riding my bike to get a slurpee. Some things don’t change, eh?

Perhaps I’ll treat myself when I’m done working for the day on the super-awesome-mega-gaming grant

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  1. I was expecting a big drop in IMs for the summer, too. (Or a deluge of bored kids sending obnoxious messages all day, every day.) We had a bit of a drop in IMs the first few days after school let out, but we’re running at about schoolyear levels again. We’re also getting a lot of requests for specific titles or types of books (e.g., non-Buffy YA vampire novels) and questions about the summer reading program.

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