deserted island reads (lost book club update)

In a comment on my post about the Lost Book Club, Beth Tribe from the Howard County Library tells us about the “Lost” related book display she made this Summer.

The books as well as the DVDs flew off this display at an alarming rate. I had to restock it constantly which was a good thing.

At a blog post titled Deserted Island Reads she gives more details of her firt ever book display:

I then divided the cube into 3 seasons. Using the top layer for the DVDs of Lost, I then arranged the books below them that corresponded with the appropriate season.
I’m honored that they allowed me to set this up directly in front of our circulation desk. I’ve been told this is the equivalent of the candy/gum rack at the grocery store. Except I’m hoping that kids of all ages will check out items from my display.

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  1. What a great idea! How do-able do you think it would be to use a screenshot of Sawyer reading with the display, copyright-wise? Hmmm…

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