I hope this post let’s others learn from my mistake. The YA librarian just took 100 knitting club flyers over to the local junior high but I forgot to put the library’s screen name on it! Boo. I even proofed the thing.

Make sure you’ve got (fax, phone, web, email, IM) contact info on your promotional materials.

On a positive note, if any more YAs start IMming me, I will be forced to take the Head of Adult Service’s up on his interest in helping with IM. I’m looking forward to this not only because we’ll be increasing our availability, but also as an experiment of sorts. Many of the patrons who have been IMming me now know me by name. Through repeat contact I’ve seen working relationships develop between librarians and patrons in person, and perhaps now through IM. Will that be affected by someone else being on the librarian end of the IM session? Many patrons have certain librarians here that they prefer, likely from experiencing a good reference transaction with them at some point. What happens when they don’t have a choice of librarians with IM? I have more questions. Will IMming patrons be able to tell that another person is acting as thommyford? Do patrons have the right to know with whom they are chatting? Would it be a good policy to state something like, “Hi, this is Aaron, how’s it going? What can I help you with?” after an initial patron contact.

These are questions that we don’t have any answers to. Yet. Let’s get to it, huh?

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