spyware presentation

The Tech Summit at the Metropolitan Library System went well today. Many people were excited to have a disc full of spyware removal programs and a few said that there were going straightaway to use them.

I encouraged all in the audiance to use my presentation as a basis for training both people working for their library and people at their library. The class I offer patrons on spyware here is quite popular. Learning how to take care of this stuff certainly beats paying some geek $50-100+ to do it for you.

In my section on the prevention of spyware, one of the things I mentioned was using alternative browsers. I asked if anyone in the audiance (of about 40 people) had been using Firefox and not a single person raised their hand. This was a bit surprising to me might have been the first thing I brought up that was new to everyone.

Here is the presentation in powerpoint form.
Here is the presentation in low-bandwidth text file form.

Two extremes, I know. I really meant to use Jessamyn’s cool css presentation format, but became too busy/lazy. Next time!

Lastly, here’s a pic that Jenny snapped with her Treo 600. I look too relaxed.

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