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Remember the really amazing and simple online mixtape site muxtape? The one about which everyone wondered when it would get shut down? Yeah, that’s the one. It did close its doors some time ago, and last month the site’s creator tells the story. Here’s an excerpt:

Over the next week I learned a little more, mainly that the RIAA moves quite autonomously from their label parents and that the understanding I had with them didn’t necessarily carry over. I also learned that none of the labels were especially interested in helping me out, and from their perspective it had no bearing on the negotiations. I disagreed.

The whole things makes an interesting read, but the summary is that instead of relinquishing creative control of the site though licensing deals with companies like UMG and EMI he decided to change the purpose of the site. It is “relaunching as a service exclusively for bands, offering an extremely powerful platform with unheard-of simplicity for artists to thrive on the internet.” It will be nice for bands to have access to nifty, simple embeddable players, but I really liked listening to people’s muxtapes. Regardless, I admire muxtape’s Justin Ouellette for a) not compromising and b) being just as interested or perhaps more interested in the site’s interface and the process of sharing.

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