texts from the dentist

Over coffee this morning my wife called her dentist to make an appointment. At the end of the conversation I heard her say, “This is my home and cell number. My only one.” Then a pause and, “Sure, sending me a text message reminder is a great idea!” I think I’ll switch dentists.

4 thoughts on “texts from the dentist”

  1. meh – there are so many other important considerations when choosing a dentist, such as, do they overcharge you for unnecessary procedures that fuse your teeth together? and even more importantly, how often do they demand to radiate you with x-rays? and i always drop a dentist when he talks down to me.

    but then, my cell phone isn’t even on most of the time.

  2. Serious, you’re even more serious than normal! Can’t a blogger be flip now and again? Regardless, any dentist will be an improvement over my last one.

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