silence is golden

I’m sure every one of us has found a cell phone user annoying at some point, but the Huntington Beach Public Library must have been pushed over the edge. According to some news stories they have put in place a drastic fine schedule for disobeying their no cell phone use policy. After an initial warning, talkative patrons will recieve a $250 fine. It gets worse with the next offenses triggering $500 and $1000 fines!

While excessive, I can partially understand what they are up to. What I can’t understand is that included in their no cell phone use policy is text messaging. I don’t understand why patrons aren’t allowed to type with their thumbs and read responses if their ringers are turned off. Perhaps they think that if patrons are given an inch, they will take a mile and start forgetting to turn their ringers off.

I wonder if they at least have a zone where cell phones are okay? Like the lobby of the library, perhaps.

I’ve called the library twice to ask them some questions, but the administrative assistant hasn’t been around.

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