Internet Librarian 2008

It is the start of a beautiful Autumn here in Portland. The air is crisp, some leaves are falling, and the rain hasn’t yet arrived. If Autumn is here, that means Internet Librarian can’t be far behind.

I’m involved with a couple of things at the conference and I’m really excited about them:

Gaming Night at Internet Librarian 2008 – Sunday, October 19th, 5:30pm – 8:00
The game night at Computers in Libraries 2008 was an amazing event. Take a look at the pictures on Flickr. With the addition of Erik Boekesteijn showing the student created, information literacy teaching, born from a public/academic library partnership video game Dark Ink the gaming night at IL08 will be even better!

In addition to seeing Dark Ink we’ll be have DDR, Rock Band, Wii Sports and more. In the spirit of true library gaming event we’ll have plenty of pizza and refreshments. While it isn’t necessary you can register your attendance on Facebook.

NOTE: Drop me an email if you want to bring some other games. For instance, I don’t have Rockband 2 yet. It would also be great if someone could bring a few wiimotes nunchucks.

Believe it or not, I’m even more excited to be moderating an amazing track at the conference. I had the honor of assembling a group of speakers and they are all going to talk about how they’ve used technology to solve certain problems in their libraries. This is a brilliant lot of folks and I know I’m going to be captivated all day long:

Solving the Reference Desk Problem
Kate Sheehan, Head, Knowledge & Innovation Services, Darien Library
Joseph Murphy, General Science Librarian & Instruction Coordinator, Yale University
Ellen Peterson, Public Services Librarian, Maui Community College

Solving the Money Problem
Laura Crossett, Branch Manager, Park County Library System
Sarah Houghton-Jan, Digital Futures Manager, San Jose Public Library

Solving the OPAC Problem
John Blyberg, Head, Technology & Digital Initiatives, Darien Library
Christopher Barr, Design & Interface Specialist, Villanova University

Solving the Interest Problem
Kelly Czarnecki, Technology Education Librarian, ImaginOn, Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County
Cliff Landis, Technology Librarian, Valdosta State University

Solving the Buy-In Problem – Interactive Discussion
Speakers From the Day, & Audience

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