work like a patron day

An absolute gem of an idea from Brian Herzog: Work Like a Patron Day

That’s why I’m proposing “Work Like A Patron Day” on October 15th. In honor of the day, I think library staff should (when possible):

  • enter and leave the library through the public entrance (not the staff doors)
  • use the public restrooms
  • use the public computers to do your work
  • reserve public meeting rooms for meetings
  • follow all library policies

This would be an amazing way to assess what works in your library and what’s unusable. To his list I’ll add:

  • sit in the chairs/use the furniture meant for the public
  • use only the patron interface for searching your catalog
  • pay your library fines (no waiving them the day before!)
  • use a database you’ve never used before

If this seems like it would be a challenge, you really ought to think about why you’re continually challenging your patrons. If it seems easy, congrats, you just might have an easy to use library!

6 thoughts on “work like a patron day”

  1. At MFPOW, all policies applied to staff as well as patrons (no longer checkouts or extra holds, you could not check materials out to yourself) and all staff paid fines. I *really* don’t understand why it’s not that way everywhere… It certainly made patrons more willing to accept the policies!

  2. It would be “die like a patron day” if staff used the public computers, thus displacing actual patrons from their precious.

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